PSP Mandarin Toastmaster Club

Because of a beautiful thought, PSP Malaysia created an incentive motivation speaker courses in November 2015. 11physical challenge individual and volunteers completed the course in six month. In order to allow the continuation of this beautiful thought, the creation of PSP Mandarin Toastmaster Club comes in mind. Where it can provide public speaking, raise public eloquence and leadership, establishment of a friendly and positive environment and expand contacts learning opportunity platform. International Toastmaster Club originated from US, and has been established for over 90 years. It’s an NGO organization caters to millions of member from all over the world in various languages. In Malaysia it is a popular organization but PSP Mandarin Toastmaster Club will be different whereby it will be chair and run by team consist of physical challenge individual and volunteers.

“Wild Lily Blossom in Spring – PSP Mandarin Toastmaster Club Forming in Sep 2016”

With modern technology we hardly speak to each other instead we communicate through gliding the phone screen. We become stranger and also do not know the skill of communication. With physical barrier appearance it will be more difficult to overcome the mentally and spiritually challenge. How to walk out from home to coexist with society? How to create prosperity among themselves as an individual or team on the basis of coexistence? By learning language through exercises and exchanges, enhance the stimulation and analysis, organizational ability, creativity, expression force of exhibits, which from the outside in and inside out to show your very own charisma and wisdom.


In PSP Mandarin Toastmaster Club you will have the opportunity to interact with the positive energy filled with special friends and volunteers. Use your sincerity to guide them, and let them use their enthusiasm and hard work to encourage you, learning from each other and grow with each other.

With such excellent, friendly, active, sincere, good faith platform environment, we are just waiting for you to join us.


We are not the best yet we will always be better; if you want to make yourself an outstanding management, this is the opportunity you can’t miss. Let us gathered all the wild lilies to blossom in spring and create a beautiful cultural! We welcome all PWD friends, volunteers and the public to register and participate!
Club Establish: September 2016
Date: 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month
Time: 8.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue: Setiawalk, Puchong
Contact person: Ling Wang Ming +6018 266 6638, Maxine Chan +6014 336 1004

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