Society of People Support People Malaysia

Love To Live, Live To Give

We are non profit charitable organization and our vision is to support people with disabilities so they will have the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of life as able body people do.

What Do We Do

Our core activities revolves around a group of volunteers who share the same compassion and willingness to contribute for the betterment of the society.

Annual scuba diving project for People with Disabilities, that’s right PWD! It has been proven that diving has its therapeutic value to the person’s body and mind and it is very beneficial to PWD.

Our annual activity, we will invite old folk’s homes, special needs homes, and orphanages; to celebrate and share the joyous moments of this meaningful tradition.

A platform to provide public speaking, raise public eloquence and leadership, establishment of a friendly and positive environment and expand contacts learning opportunity.

We visit old folks & orphanage homes few times in a year to show our care and love to them. We organize new year celebration event to celebrate with them. Looking forward to joint organize with corporate for CSR Project.

About Society of People Support People Malaysia

Society of People Support People Malaysia is a non profit charitable organization founded in 2012 by a group of 8 compassionate individuals to support the underprivileged community; e.g. People with Disabilities (PWD), single families & old folks. The vision the founders had was to provide the necessary resources and accessibility to PWDs; to motivate and build their confidence to serve the society independently.

Our Mission

Encourage the PWD community to share their compassion, will power and perseverance in facing everyday life challenges, as a collective wisdom to inspire the society.

Past Charity Events

4 days 3 nights event at Perhentian Island

Donated wheelchairs & wheelchair cushions

Donated a dialysis machine

Junior Motivation Camp

Motivation talk for SRJKC Rompin

Volunteers & PWD Training

Volunteers learn how to assist PWD

CNY Shopping with seniors

Shopping with our beloved seniors


Support Our Cause

Society of People Support People Malaysia is a non profit charitable organization serving the society to help the PWD community. We have been fund raising on our own to support the various programs and activities for the society. You may support our cause with a donation by clicking “Donate Now” button below.

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